March 19, 2011


Getting into some good music lately.

Here's a sweet band with a sweet vid. The braids are a little disgusting to say the least, yet a cool concept.



February 23, 2011


Black and white photography? My favourite expression of beauty and simplicity.

I discovered the photos of Toni Frissell and fell in love.

I had to share. It reminds me that summer is merely waiting around the wintery corner.

August 31, 2010


I have the natural instinct to wander aimlessly from place to place, discovering new sights, tastes and sounds, becoming comfortable there and then leaving. I've moved a total of four times since June 2009, and needless to say, I'm ready to settle down for at least a year in one place. Moving to Koreatown seems like a great choice, and although I'm already vaguely familar with the area, it's just slightly more west, and slightly more foreign. However, my favourite public library is still within walking distance (Palmerston!) where I will be able to borrow wonderful cd's for free yet again. Despite all this moving, I am very excited about my new house and new roommates, who, for the most part, are pretty damn awesome. In celebration of this move, I would like to create a wonderful mixtape featuring Korean musicians.

Hope you enjoy and ding a ling a lung a ding a lung a ling. (I apologize for this horrendous inside joke that is based on my semi-rascist asian dance/song that I tend to sing only in front of Leanne).

Note: These are South Koreans only. I'm not going to attempt to infiltrate North Korea.

This is a different kind of mixtape, a video tape, that you can watch. This makes no sense but most of these video's are fairly spectacular.


g.o.d (Groove Over Dose)

Isak N Jiyeon

MC The Max


Wonder Girls


August 28, 2010


I discovered Aidan Knight simply a few weeks ago, but did not have the chance to explore his sounds further. Mitch Fillion shot Mr. Knight and his bandmates for his Southern Souls project, and his beautiful video can be seen here. 

Aidan Knight - Knitting Something for You
AIDAN KNIGHT - Knitting Something NIce For You from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

As I continued further on the path of beautiful lullabies, I found his first two EPs, First Takes, and Hi There. First Takes features an owl on the front, which I am a fond lover of. What I found on the inside was two delightful songs, leading into the second EP Hi There. The title alone makes me laugh due to a certain inside joke lasting much too long. 

Released Aug 2008

Released Oct 2008

However, to get to the point of such explanations, BOTH albums can be downloaded from their website. (FOR FREEEEE!) Hi There can be downloaded in multiple formats as well (!). 

His newest release is titled Versicolor and the entire album is just what my ears needed for a Saturday morning, waking up much too early when I don't have to work. A few songs are remakes of those first heard on First Takes, and each version are equally haunting. You can download this (radiohead style) for any price online. Needless to say I snapped it up right quick, and you should too.

August 7, 2010

married to the sea

one of my web comics i love.

This reminds me of work. A lot.

Sackpacking Backpacking Musiacking

Yet again I find myself moving to a new place within the wide neighbourhood of Toronto. Every time I move, I'm given the chance to look at all the 'stuff' I've created and reflect on how much I have. I love moving, I love the packing, the organizing, the unpacking, and the ability to move and start fresh in a new space. I love the reorganizing, the downsizing, the chance to arrange and decorate. I'm headed to a great little place near Keele and Bloor, with a great rooftop patio, wonderful artwork, and great character; but only for the month of August, where I will be moving once again. When you begin to pack, you need lots of energy (energy drinks! and protein!), so I have developed a musical mix to help with the packing. Energetic and fun, these artists will deliver a great little mix to packsackbackpacks.


Packing Tape Love Mix

Bon Iver - Brackett, WI
Florence + the Machine - Dog Days are Over
Broken Social Scene - Chase Scene
Caribou - Niobe
The Temper Trap - Fader
Passion Pit - Little Secrets
The Morning Benders - All Day Day light
Liars - No Barrier Fun
Frightened Rabbit - Living in Color
The Dead Weather - I Can't Hear You
Cocorosie - Hear I Come

Download the PTLmix HERE

April 7, 2010

ARP - The Soft Wave

After checking up on one of my favourite labels, Smalltown Supersound, I came across a new artist I had not yet had the pleasure of listening to. This fellow I speak of is known as Arp, from the band Tussle, also known by his parents as Alexis Georgopoulos. He makes some lovely sounds, and he has a new album coming out in May!

Arp will release "The Soft Wave" on Smalltown Supersound.You can visit his myspace here to listen to some tunes.

Arp also created a wonderful experimental mix for the website 'self-titled' if you want to hear more.